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Our prices do not include installation. We are often able to recommend a local registered engineer who can carry out any installation required.

It is always worth checking services required for any piece of equipment to ensure you have sufficient gas or electrical power, also to make sure you can get the appliance through the doors and round any awkward corners (some equipment can be made narrower to go through narrow doorways) Pipe size, distance from meter and amount of equipment being fed from the meter are all important aspects to consider.

Any reputable engineer will be able to advise you and could save you costly errors if equipment is unsuitable once delivered. For larger schemes we would recommend a site survey to ensure the equipment is suitable and to identify any potential problems.

If your engineer has any queries over the equipment, our Technical Department is happy to talk to them about the equipment you are purchasing from us either before, during or after installation.

If you choose your own engineer it is worth checking that he is qualified to install the type of equipment as any incorrect installation can cause issues if at a later date you need to place a warranty call, equally you should consider that if you instruct a non qualified engineer and in the worst case had a fire, you would not be covered by your insurance.