Italforni TSGAS Tunnel Gas Stone Deck conveyor pizza oven

£22,820.35 (Ex VAT) £27,384.42 (Inc VAT)

1420deep x 2160wide x 1280high (includes stand)

Power Requirements
Gas; 40.42kw + 230v

Detailed Description


This Itaforni "Stone"  Italian made  gas Stone deck conveyor pizza oven, has a refractory stone conveyor belt allowing you to do genuine Stone bake "Thin and Crispy" Italian pizzas.  These ovens can be used for cooking other products, not just pizzas, such Tortillas, Bruschetta, Crostini, Pitta bread, Chicken wings etc



  • Italian made - with Refractory stone conveyor - creates Stone baked pizza - cook directly on the stone belt.
  • Digital controls allows  temperature control of +/-1ºC accuracy, precise belt speed control and has self diagnostic service function
  • Oven temperature  50 -  450ºC
  • Output per hour - 510 x 8",  306 x 10",  238 x 12", 136 x 14",  81 x 18" or 65 x 20"
  • Belt width is 32"/800mm 
  • Variable speed belt 
  • Oven size 790 x 1140 x 110mm
  • Easy to use electronic digital controls - fitted with Stand By mode - reducing energy consumption by 50% 
  • Removable crumb trays allows easy cleaning
  • Supplied with mobile stand as standard
  • Ovens cannot be stacked
  • On site warranty - 2 years parts 1 year labour