Set for LPG gas use


Firex PMKIG100 100 ltr Gas tilting kettle

£13,983.16 (Ex VAT) £16,779.79 (Inc VAT)

1445w x 1180d x 1090h

Power Requirements
Gas; 21kw - 1/2 inch Supply + 230v 13amp supply

Detailed Description


Firex PMKIG100 Indirect heat tilting kettles are ideal for boiling large amounts of products - ideal for Food manufacturers or institutional cooking, the Indirect heat water jacket means there is no direct heat source touching the kettle, which may cause burning making them ideal for cooking delicate foodstuffs such as Custards etc. All kettles are fitted with motorised tilting of the kettle, allowing quick and safe emptying.


  • Gas Indirect heat tilting kettle - 100 ltr capacity
  • Bottom of tank is made of 2 and 4mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel - allows food to be cooked with high acidity content
  • Exterior finish in 1.5 - 2mm 304 stainless steel finish
  • Automatic water fill of jacket prevents kettle switching off due to low water level
  • Water treatment system must be fitted to jacket water supply
  • Easy to use analogue controls with electronic ignition
  • Motorised tilting of the kettle means quick and safe emptying
  • Thermostatically controlled 20 - 105ºC
  • Fitted with hot & cold swiveling water fill tap
  • Spring loaded hinged lid
  • Supplied with height adjustable legs
  • Heavy duty all stainless steel construction
  • Recommended options - Insulated lid - reduces heat loss, saves energy
  • Can be supplied as a wall mounted version - prices on request 
  • Supplied set for Natural gas use - LPG use option

Firex Auto jacket fill

Firex Auto jacket fill

Recommended accessory

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Firex Insulated lid

Firex Insulated lid

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